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Pakistan Eventing (PE) roadmap to Olympics is the first project in the history of Pakistan aiming to reach the Olympics in a new sport.


Equestrian sports and activities were limited to Polo in Pakistan until recently when Pakistan Eventing was established in July 2005 with the vision to reach the Olympics.

Pakistan is the only country in the Southern Hemisphere to have an equestrian training camp with all modern facilities to reach Olympics which is privately funded. Pakistan Eventing, an international project of the Equestrian Federation of Pakistan is a ground breaking phenomenon in the sporting history for the country. The fact that Pakistan Equestrian Eventing is not a mainstream sport in Pakistan, establishing an offshore base was considered essential. This is something that has not been attempted by any other National Federation (NF).

Pakistan Eventing is not just about equestrian; it was a simple idea conceptualised by the commitment of those who supported the concept. However, the ultimate objective is to compete at an International level.


The Equestrian Federation of Pakistan (EFP) and Pakistan Eventing project “Roadmap to Olympics” will endeavour to achieve the following;

       ·          To qualify Pakistan Equestrian Eventing at the Olympics

       ·          To promote and endorse Pakistan Equestrian Eventing nationally and internationally.

       ·          To encourage east west dialogue in Australia and working with local communities.

       ·          To provide the education and awareness to make equestrian events more approachable within Pakistani communities in Australia.


·          We believe in the value of diversity through the guiding principles of unity, faith and discipline

·          Our principles endorse a spirit of inclusion and foster an environment where everyone can reach their full potential

·          Support for universal human rights is one of the core values we are proud off

·          Pakistan Eventing is committed to working with governments, our sponsors, nongovernmental organizations (NGO) and the communities

           where we function to help contribute to an environment in which universal human rights and the rule of law are respected.

·          Positively engage with communities for a peaceful dialogue between east and the west


Pakistan Eventing continues to respect the diversity of different cultures and values. We will continue to create positive synergies around the world about Pakistan and its people. In a constant evolving world where nations are striving hard to carve a unique identity, national esteem and pride are becoming central for any nation to stand out. Pakistan Eventing believes in their grass-root culture, heritage and national talent.

When establishing Pakistan Equestrian Eventing profile, we identified the importance of a training framework to be documented for fellow countrymen who can also benefit from it. This allows Pakistan Eventing to continue its journey. 




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