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O'Hawk - Allama Iqbal & Imran Khan with Pakistan Eventing (Official Video)

For the promotion of Pakistan Eventing, a music audio, O' HAWK written by Dr. Allama M. Iqbal (late)  and translated by cricket legend Imran Khan was first recorded at Quentin Ayres studio in Adelaide by Vanasee Pty Ltd in 2006 but never released due to incomplete music notes.

Several artists from Australia, Pakistan, India, Greece, Italy and England came together in support of Pakistan Equestrian which had no presence at international level at the time. People like Rick Solomon Ovadia, Ajay Pradhan, Phil Ryjoch, Eustratios Makris, Usman Zia and Chaitanya Govande rose above cultural and religious divide. The story behind the audio was later published in "The Olympic Challenge" magazine in 2007.

  The video and music genres together are released for the first time that includes overlay track "Kashmir" by W. Joseph and L.Micarelli, while tabla from Junoon "Chand Sitara", Mein Bhi Pakistan Hoon. Video is compilation of Pakistan Eventing highlights from 2012 season. Easily 6 years in making with no funding, our crew gave their best shot.

Translation: "O' hawk, don't be scared of these gusts off wind that hit you. They are meant to make you fly higher."


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